Everyone can be a gardener with our instant gardens. Small spaces, low light, and not so green thumbs? No problem! You’ll be a successful gardener immediately with our proven to be easy to grow moss covered plant globes. These modern kokedama continue the ancient Japanese art of moss (koke) covered balls (dama).

Each Global Garden includes a moss globe with a live plant, care guide, and hanging hardware. Just add water and light as directed and enjoy a slice of nature in your home and office.  Designed to hang or rest on a pedestal, each garden gives you the ultimate in flexibility and ease, all wrapped up in nature’s perfect container. No fuss, no muss, no dirty hands, and no plastic containers. How do you care for them? Just Dip in a bowl of water, let Drain in the sink, then Hang. And Global Gardens living sculptures are gifts that make a lasting impression. Order yours today.